Having wind turbines out of commission is a costly issue. When Siemens required a number of gearbox bearings for use in wind power generation plants, they requested assistance from BES Transmission to source and adapt the necessary components.

These are not off-the-shelf products, but BE Transmission specialises in sourcing and reengineering bearings for wind turbines and other critical plant. The team mobilised to track down and acquire the items, not available on the UK market and managed the import of eight sets of gearbox bearings in line with requirements.

These were brought to the company’s engineering facility in Yorkshire, where they were successfully re-engineered, altering the radial fit to C3 tolerance in line with permissible values for the boundary dimensions and running accuracy of the bearings. They were then delivered to the site to enable installation and commissioning work to begin.

The entire project was completed within an extremely tight two-week time window, both on time and to budget, keeping the wind turbines turning for Siemens.

BE Transmission can source, re-engineer and supply all types of bearings.