Italian manufacturer of polyurethane timing belts, Elatech has launched a new FLAT belt heavy series F9 to the UK market. These drive belts have been specifically developed for the needs of the automotive industry and are meant to be used on vertical drop lift conveyors and skid conveyor lines. They are made of 85 Sh A polyurethane ensuring a strong grip on the motor pulley and featuring high-performance steel tension members.

The F9 series offers a choice of belt widths and weights. All have been designed to provide a lifetime of a minimum of 1.5 million cycles when all belt technical working parameters and maintenance instructions are respected.

Elatech® is a world-leading manufacturer of polyurethane timing belts and is fast becoming known for the most extensive range available in the market today. They are dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of belts for industrial applications.

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