Polyurethane belts provide an excellent solution for power transmission between shafts that are not axially aligned. With a greater elastic memory than rubber, they offer higher levels of abrasion resistance and are used extensively in load conveyance applications.

  • They operate smoothly with little noise or vibrations
  • They act to cushion motors and bearings against load changes
  • They are essentially low maintenance, and no lubrication is required
  • They exhibit levels of efficiency between 95-98%
  • Impressive performance and reliability

Toothed belts can give excellent levels of precision in applications where a constant ratio between shaft rotational speeds is important.  They are manufactured with teeth that fit exactly into matching teeth on the pulleys.

  • Often used as timing belts
  • Extremely efficient
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Constant speed operation with no slippage
  • Low noise and vibration
  • No lubrication requirements

The life of the belt is determined by the environment, belt quality and correct specification alongside ambient temperature and load characteristics. At BE Power Transmission, our specialist team can help with product selection, working closely with customers to understand individual requirements and recommending appropriate solutions.

We also supply off the shelf belts, belts cut to your specific requirements.

Our brands include:

  • Bando
  • SIT
  • ELATECH Open end
  • ELA-Flex SD® turly endless
  • The ELA-flexSD® belts – manufactured with high tensile strength steel tension cords and with high wear, abrasion and tear-resistant polyurethane
  • Elatech SYNCRO-MAX® – extra-wide belts
  • Elatech iSync® – innovative high-performance belts for power transmission made with polyurethane resin body and tension cords in steel or aramid fiber.