Bando Belts Chosen For Challenging CCTV Application

BE Power Transmission has developed a solution for driving extremely high-specification CCTV cameras. This was in response to an application requiring a high-performance belt capable of performing over three million individual operations without suffering stretch, fatigue or deterioration. In addition, the CCTV installations in question were frequently required to operate reliably at temperatures in excess [...]

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Eagle Belting Reduces Vibration for Operational Reliability

Noise and vibration can present significant issues for applications involving long open-length belting. A major OEM manufacturer sought the assistance of the team at BE Power Transmission to solve a recurring problem with tracking which was creating operational disruptions for processes. The BE Power Transmission team looked closely at the application to identify the issues. [...]

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Keeping Siemens Wind Turbines Turning

Having wind turbines out of commission is a costly issue. When Siemens required a number of gearbox bearings for use in wind power generation plants, they requested assistance from BES Transmission to source and adapt the necessary components. These are not off-the-shelf products, but BE Transmission specialises in sourcing and reengineering bearings for wind turbines [...]

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Cementing Relations with LaFarge Cement Works in Derbyshire

Bradford Engineering staff were recently asked to help with a tricky problem when their customer was struggling to find specialist bearings. They were for the Lafarge cement works in Derbyshire, which had failing bearings in a large gearbox controlling an important process within the site. Using BES’s Worldwide network of bearing suppliers we were able [...]

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BES Develop Bespoke Elatech Belt for Large US Contract

Bradford Engineering Services has worked with a major customer to design and develop a bespoke belt profile to fit a high-speed box erecting machine. Eight of these machines are to be imminently shipped to the USA. This means a significant quantity of this new Elatech special belting will be required over the next 2 months. [...]

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