BE Power Transmission has developed a solution for driving extremely high-specification CCTV cameras. This was in response to an application requiring a high-performance belt capable of performing over three million individual operations without suffering stretch, fatigue or deterioration. In addition, the CCTV installations in question were frequently required to operate reliably at temperatures in excess of 40oC.

The BE Power Transmission team recommended Bando’s TN15 Minipitch belt, part of the Bancollan TN synchronous belts range. Manufactured using highly durable polyurethane, these products were developed expressly for small drives. They feature a unique profile and have been designed for precision applications where space is at a premium.

Achieving high torque at low pre-tension, the belts run very smoothly with low distortion levels. The small pitch and optimised grip in the pulley grooves guarantee smooth revolutions to maintain accurate speeds.

More than 100,000 belts have been supplied to date, and quantities are expected to increase with the product now available to a worldwide market.