Performance and strength from Ewellix

BE Power Transmission supplies a range of linear motion actuators developed to provide power and performance for a wide range of applications. These precise and controllable solutions provide guaranteed levels of reliability and repeatability in use.

Electromechanical linear actuators offer a significant range of advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives. These include:

  • Accurate control and positioning
  • Compact size requiring less installation space
  • Advanced levels of efficiency converting electric to mechanical power
  • Safe, low noise levels, low power consumption
  • Low heat generation
  • High-speed performance, high operational speeds
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Increased productivity, no warm-up time
  • Can achieve slow and controlled speeds
  • Less sensitive to contaminants
  • Ability to change the speed along the motion cycle
  • Advanced levels of reliability

Applications for electric actuators range from everyday solutions through to challenging production environments like high-performance racing cars. From door actuators through to medical equipment, electric actuators convert energy into motion in industries including food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as general factory and automation requirements.

BE Power Transmission supplies electric actuators designed and produced by Swedish specialists Ewellix, a leading manufacturer of electric actuators.

Compact Low Load Ewellix CAHB-10

The Ewellix CAHB -10 is a compact design developed for operation in a wide temperature range from  -40°C to +85°C. Designed to handle low-load applications, the CAHB-10 benefits from virtually maintenance-free operation, with a reliable self-locking function. The actuator incorporates robust metal gears and includes a corrosion-resistant housing.

  • Ideal replacement for pneumatic cylinders in applications which are primarily low-load and low duty
  • A range of design options are available to match differing requirements

Medium load Ewellix CAHB 20E-31N

The Ewellix CAHB 20E-31N has been developed for medium to heavy-load applications. It has an IP rating of 69K, providing protection against the ingress of high-pressure water, making these actuators ideal for applications where products require rigorous sanitising. Virtually maintenance-free, the CAHB 20E-22E and 30A-31N actuators incorporate robust metal gears and mechanical overload protection.

  • Designed to operate in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C
  • High holding force with medium speed and manual override
  • DC and AC motor variants with different voltages are available

Flexible and Modular Ewellix CAT CAR Designs

The Ewellix CAT-CAR actuators are designed around a modular concept, making it quick and easy to interchange a range of critical components including motors, gears, screws and attachments. This custom-built approach using standard components gives flexibility matching a wide range of applications with duty cycles of up to 30%.

  • Ideal for replacing pneumatics in medium load, medium duty cycle applications

High Grade Ewellix CASM 32-63

Ewellix CASM 32-63 actuators are linear units designed to operate in the most challenging factory automation environments. Manufactured using high-grade materials, these totally controllable actuators are produced with either ball or trapezoidal screws in a range of different sizes and stroke lengths.

  • Options include adjustable proximity switches and different servo motor designs
  • Ideal for medium load, high duty applications
  • IP Grade 54S for protection from water spray and dust ingress, duty cycles up to 100%

High-power modular Ewellix CASM-100 H

Ewellix CASM-100 H is an innovative modular electric cylinder platform developed to handle demanding applications in industrial automation and heavy machinery. Featuring modular design at individual component level, custom-built solutions can be specified to optimise the performance/cost ratio.

  • The ideal solution for replacing pneumatics and hydraulics in high load, medium to high duty cycle applications.

Powerful Ewellix CPSM H Lifting Columns

Ewellix CPSM H Lifting Columns successfully combine powerful guiding functions with linear movements. Robust, manually adjusted and virtually backlash-free aluminium extrusions carry high eccentric loads in push and pull directions.

  • Equipped with brushless DC or servo motors to lift and lower heavy weights at speed
  • Optional brakes and damping elements to match heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Ideal solutions for low-load, high-duty cycle applications.

Also available to complete the range

Ewellix LEMC modular electromechanical cylinders incorporating linear unit, motor adapter, limit switch, motor and controller for medium load, high duty cycle applications.

Ewellix SRSA, SVSA, H SLSA high-power cylinders equipped with Ewellix planetary and recirculating roller screws and long lead ball screws. Designed for long life, high accelerations and very high force applications for high or extremely high load, high duty cycle applications.

Ewellix CLSM linear modules provide precise motion with different drive units (ball screw, belt and linear motor) and motor types (servo AC, brushless DC and linear motors). High load and lifetime capacity, coupling driving and guiding functions in one compact solution.