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Elatech Belts

Your premium supplier of Elatech belts.

Elatech Belts

Elatech polyurethane belts are ideal for power transmission, linear motion, conveying, lifting and timing applications. The polyurethane belts are reinforced with either steel or aramid tension members, making them incredibly durable and suitable for even the most severe industrial applications.

Elatech belts feature a very wide range of different tooth profiles which means there is a great deal of flexibility with regard to different applications and solutions.

There are a number of characteristics common to all Elatech belts. These include:

  • outstanding abrasion resistance
  • a high resistance to oils and grease
  • exceptional chemical resistance including acids and alkaline solutions
  • resistance to bacteria, microbes and fungi
  • complete UV resistance; although exposure to UV might change the belt colour it has no impact on belt performance

The Elatech Belt Range

The standard Elatech portfolio includes the following ranges.

ELATECH M - open end
These belts are manufactured in 100m lengths and so can be cut to whatever desired length is required by the application.

ELA-flexSD Synchro Drive Belts
ELA-flexSD incorporate an endless steel tension cord; this lack of any splice or weld means they have no weak cross section, and so are perfect for high loads and power transmission. They come in multiple widths and lengths from 0.8m to 20m.

ELATECH V - jointed
These toothed belts are V-jointed from open-end belts so they can be made to any length. They are particularly suitable for conveying and transport applications, though they should not be used for power transmission.

iSync use a special polyurethane compound and high resistance steel tension cords to create one of the highest precision belts available. They are particularly suitable when extreme accuracy is important, and they excel at power transmission.

ELATECH Synchro-Max
These belts are extra-wide, which means the advantages of toothed synchronous timing belts can be used with wider surfaces such as flat or modular conveyor belts. They incorporate Aramid cord for improved dimensional stability.

Elatech Eagle Belts
The Elatech range also includes the Eagle polyurethane belt system. It features a novel Helical Offset Tooth design which means that there is continuous rolling tooth engagement with the pulley. This allows Eagle belts to run more quietly than conventional toothed belts, and feature reduced vibration, reduced noise, higher energy efficiency, reduced drive width and ability to cope with higher power transmission levels. They are particularly suitable for lifting systems, conveying systems, automatic equipment, door opening and linear motion.

Specific features of Eagle Belts are:

  • Up to 19dB lower noise than conventional toothed belts
  • Self-tracking
  • Lower vibration
  • No need for flanges on the pulley, reducing pulley weight and inertia
  • Exceptionally precise and accurate movement
  • Completely bi-directional

Bradford Engineering Services can supply off the shelf belts, belts cut to your specific width or spliced to your required length, or can work with you to understand your requirements and recommend appropriate solutions. Please visit our contact us page.

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