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Bando Belts

Your supplier of choice for Bando belts.

Bando Belts

Bando is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rubber or polyurethane belts, providing solutions for power transmission and automotive applications. Bando belts are renowned for:

  • High efficiency
  • Outstanding quality
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratios
  • Continuous innovation

Bando have been manufacturing belts since 1906. Their manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001, TS16949 and ISO-14001 certified to give customers the highest possible confidence in the quality and performance of their belts. This ensures that all belts are highly uniform and consistent.

Bando Belt Applications

Bando power transmission belts are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Heavy duty industrial equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotive
  • Door controllers
  • Injection moulding machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Light conveyance

The Bando belt range includes:

  • Synchronous belts
  • V belts
  • Toothed belts
  • Banded belts
  • V ribbed belts
  • Round belts
  • Flat belts

Bando belts are available in multiple lengths and the width can be specified exactly as the belt is cut to your exact size requirement.

Types of Bando Belt

Belts are a superb solution for power transmission between shafts that are not axially aligned. Belts run smoothly with little noise or vibrations, and they cushion motors and bearings against load changes. They need no lubrication and require little maintenance. They have very high efficiency, usually around 95% and up to 98%. When toothed belts are used they provide excellent precision when a constant ratio between shaft rotational speeds is important.

V-belts were adopted to solve the slippage and alignments problems that are more common with flat belts. They are an excellent combination of traction, bearing load, speed and long life. Their cross section is actually trapezoidal, and this fits into the V on the pulley to provide a self-centering system where the belt cannot slip off. As load increases the belt tends to bed further into the groove which increases friction and therefore torque transmission.

Toothed belts are often used as timing belts and are incredibly efficient. They have teeth that fit into matching teeth on the pulley. They have no slippage, run at a constant speed, and are often used for either indexing or timing purposes. Their main advantage over gears or chains are the lower noise and vibration, and the lack of a need for lubrication.

Bradford Engineering Services can supply off the shelf belts, belts cut to your specific width or spliced to your required length, or can work with you to understand your requirements and recommend appropriate solutions. Please visit our contact us page.

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Bando Belts